Anilao has long been a favorite destination for local and foreign divers alike. It gain more popularity over the last several years due to almost yearly newly discovered marine species. Its rich waters and perfect underwater terrains for weird and yet wonderful critters, it's a question one of the top destination for "macro" diving in the country as well as the region.

Typical dive schedules:

  • Breakfast from 7:30am

  • 8:30 Out for 2 morning dives

  • Lunch

  • 15:00 Out for 1 or 2 afternoon dives

  • 15:30 Out for 1 afternoon dive and 1 night dive

  • Dinner and chill time


We have gazebo style dive preparation area with rinsing tubs for dive gear and one dedicated for cameras. Even though we do not have in-house dive shop and we outsource our dive operations, you can be assured the whole diving experience will not be compromised.

We also provide a dedicated area for underwater cameras. Where you can prepare, assemble and re-charge your batteries for the duration of your stay.

Rinsing Tubs

Rinsing Tubs

Anisiam House location & Dive-sites

Anisiam House location & Dive-sites

Our small camera room with a view

Our small camera room with a view



For those who want to relax but yet enjoy the experience of Anilao's underwater scenery, they are plenty of areas where one can enjoy great snorkelling, even right in from of the house.