Romel: “I never thought I would come this far. Before, I am a man with no dreams. Ever since, my parents have always been by my side. They put me through college but I wasted the opportunity. Since I became a father, I realized my mistakes. I’m now happy because of all the learning. I am thankful to them for what I am today. Being a father is a journey. I am Romel Castro, 24.” Romel is one of our caretakers. You will see him roaming around the property, clearing leaves, cleaning the pool, and helping you before and after diving.

Arnel: “I am Arnel Dela Cruz and I am 35 years old from Taysan Batangas City. I am thankful to my wife for giving me a beautiful gift in our daughter. I’m a college graduate. I worked a few years in Maprora Feed Mill before I got into construction industry and pride myself as electrician. I like watching movies and series, like Walking Dead and Kingdom of Heaven. I also like gardening.” Arnel is another one of our caretakers. He is a bit shy to talk but not shy to work hard. He has the same duty as Romel and you will see one of them around. One will be on day-shift while the other will be on night-shift.

Limwhel: “I am a simple man and father to my one and only daygther, I’m Limwhel Mendoza Napa, 25. I live in Bangalagit, Mabini, Batangas. I’m youngest in my family and I have 3 sisters. My parents teach me to respect others. I want to be a good chef that’s why I need more improvement to myself. I like to sing, play basketball, and badminton. I was once a security guard. I faced many challenges with bad people but I overcame them. If given a chance I would like to be a businessman.”
Limwhel is our in-house chef. He is the main man preparing and creating sumptuous food for our guests to enjoy. He will also help out around the house and attend to our guests need when he is not in the kitchen.

Cindy: "My name is Romulo Bello. However, I'm know as "Cindy" by my friends. I was born and raised in Ligaya, Mabini. I'm 23 years old. My hobbies are singing, volleyball,and listening to music. My life moto, "a man without education is like a rolling stone with no destination." Cindy is one of our house–keepers and the newest member to our AniSiam family. He has been with us from Feb 2017. He helps keep our house inside living space nice and clean. He also assists and ensures you are taken cared of during your relax and meal times.

Arianne: "I'm Arianne Albuera Montiano, I'm 31 and living in Ligaya Mabini. I have 3 kids, 1 boy nd 2 girls. I love spending time with them outside my work schedule. I like listening to music and love spaghetti as well as chocolate. My dream is to have simple life and provide my kids a better life and better future. I would like to own a simple house in the future. I will be very happy if my kids finish their studies. That's me, a simple woman with simple dream."

A day out for Anisiam Family in Tagaytay. Lunch with a view of Taal volcano then some fun at Sky Ranch. It’s our team bonding at the start of 2019.


Time to party and have fun ... Anisiam family year end party, Dec 2018

Anisiam Family Photo Op …some got more skill than others :)

AniSiam Day-out with staff and their families. A trip to Mind Museum and lunch in BGC, July 2018.


Anisiam Families

Christmas / New Year gathering. Bye to 2017 and hello 2018 :)

Our Staff First Aid Training 19.7.17. Thank you Penn De Los Santos.  Learning on basic first aid as well as CPR training. Enjoying as well as having fun. It was a fruitful day for all :)

Our Staff First Aid Training 19.7.17. Thank you Penn De Los Santos.

Learning on basic first aid as well as CPR training. Enjoying as well as having fun. It was a fruitful day for all :)