We commissioned award-winning architect, Edwin Uy to make our resort dream a reality. Design-wise we wanted the rooms and facilities to blend naturally into the terraced landscape. To achieve this, Edwin used as his source of inspiration, the traditional stilt houses found in the Philippines and Thailand (our respective home nations).

The result is a modern open-plan layout that has a minimalist, clean design look and feel throughout. This look is further emphasized by diverse materials such as bare concrete, bamboo and other natural materials.

All rooms have great views of the bay and surrounding greenery. In addition, the outdoor areas can be enjoyed from sunup to sundown – there’s a large front lawn by the sea; a small lawn below the infinity pool; the pool and viewing deck; and a balcony barbecue and bar zone.


Rest, relax and revitalize at our various ‘chill zones’ including the infinity pool, the beachside front lawn, the balcony barbecue and bar area, and the big swing seat overlooking the pool and the ocean. The resort also offers scenic spots to take stunning sunset photos. We also have an open-plan lounge with creature comforts including a large screen TV and media player with many movies and TV shows. You can also play your music via the Bluetooth speaker system. And to upload, and share photos with friends and family, WiFi is available in the common area.


We love wining and dining as much as we love diving, and strive to make every meal memorable and delicious. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, we provide afternoon snacks and complimentary coffee, tea, juices and soft-drinks.

Our menu, which changes often, features Filipino cuisine, as well as many Thai and western favorites. The dishes will showcase local ingredients, and in-season fruits and vegetables. We can accommodate all dietary meal requests and other dining needs. We provide either family style or individual serving depending on the menu.


We provide a unique service to our guests. It is a combination of Thai and Filipino hospitalities which led to personalize service with attention to details. This is to ensure your stay will be a joyful and memorable one.